Inside the Pages

It’s The Thought That Counts is more than a book – it is a well-organized tool that will show you how to turn the simplest items into clever creations that are easy and affordable to gift.

Fabulous & Free

I’m constantly gathering inspiration for crafting and repurposing. I’ll be updating this page with crafts, ideas, and tips I hope you will try for yourself.


Click on any of these links to see television segments where Clever Creations demonstrates a simple craft you could make. I would love to share some creation inspiration with you as my viewer.

Yours Truly

I have a passion to encourage people, through simple, yet “clever creations” (Yep – the reason for my company name!). It is my strong belief that little things mean a lot in life; a sweet “I’m thinking of you” in word or deed can go a long way in cheering on or cheering up another person.

"I have a passion to encourage people through clever creations."