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The countdown is on…back to school is here.  This isn’t a math story problem.  Just ask any teacher or parent how many days before school starts and they will have an accurate and quick reply.  Being a teacher and from experience past, I can confidently say teachers have grateful hearts for supportive parents.  It is nice to be recognized with words of affirmation or gifts of appreciation for a job well done all throughout the year.  I’m not tooting my own horn since I’m now retired, but I will toot the horn of every teacher still out there giving their all day to day.  It need not be said but I will say it anyway, teachers are underpaid and overworked.  But ask any under paid and overworked teacher why they do it year to year and he/she will tell you the pay goes far beyond the dollar.  I still get notes of thanks from students long since graduated from under my tutelage expressing their thankfulness for the impact I made in their lives.  How does one put a dollar amount on that?  So let’s get the school year started by recognizing the CLASS-ACT of our great teachers.  My daughter’s homeroom teacher this year is Ms. Greene – imagine the fun play on words I can have with that one.  I’m already working on a gift with a tag that says, “Other schools are probably “GREEN with envy” they don’t have you as a teacher.”  I will be putting all kinds of green items in the bag.  I like to do a little something for all of the support staff and teachers every month.  Sometimes the gifts have a theme, sometimes the gifts are super simple, but always heart-felt.   Here’s a couple of inexpensive appreciation gifts to get your  school year started by giving your teachers an A+ for all they do.  I also made these for some neighborhood kids and some other special students in my life.

Here are the items you will need:

Calculators (I found mine at Wal-mart for $1 each in their back to school supplies.  They had a variety of colors/patterns.)

Print a tag that reads:  By the Lord’s CALCULATIONS, this will be a great school year.  Jer 29:11

I like to back my printed tags with colored paper and these I tied right on to the bag the calculator came in. If the ones you purchase don’t come sealed in cellophane already, just pop them into a clear cellophane bag (found in the party favor section at Wal-mart or any craft store has them) and tie the tags on with ribbon.  Here’s what mine looked like when I was done.


I stamped an apple in the middle of the tag.

The next gift idea is equally as simple.  I purchased Hostess Ho Hos cakes equating 2 cakes for each person.  I shredded an inexpensive book from the thrift store for filler paper for the bottom of cellophane bags.  I thought the shredded book was appropriate being we are talking about school.  After all, you can buy a book for $1 or less usually and the amount of basket shred it will make by running it through your home shredder is very economical.  I placed 2 Ho Hos in the bag and tied on a tag that said:
Hi-HO Hi-HO It’s back to school you go!  Here’s to a great beginning to a new school year! 
Take a look:
Ho Hos

Ho Hos tied up with a number two pencil. I stamped the middle of the tag with an apple stamp.

So I decided to take both of these and wrap them up in what else but a lunch bag.  I copied a “Back to School” word search puzzle and stamped the middle of it with an apple stamp and backed it on red paper.
Back to school word search

Back to school word search

I then wrote each person’s name on their “bagged lunch” and put the gifts in the bag.  I rolled down the top of the bag and stapled onto the bag the word search puzzle along with an addition flash card (I got an entire box from the $1 store).  I added a vintage school image.  Here is my finished product.  Hope you have fun with these ideas!
Back to school lunch gift bag

Back to school lunch gift bag. My niece, Kayla, is going to be a sophomore in college so I chose an addition flash card that equals 14 to represent her 14th year of school. :)

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