Back to School – Vintage Reader Pennant Banner

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Back to School – Vintage Reader Pennant Banner

When the school supply aisle appears at Wal-mart in July – I get all tingly inside.  The smell of crayons, new glue sticks, and plethora of colored folders gives me a thrill to which almost nothing else can compare.  Long after my children are grown – the school supply aisle will beckon me to purchase notebook paper and scissors.  You can take the girl out of the school but not the school out of the girl.  I retired from teaching a year ago in May but I still get excited about the beginning of a new school year.  Not just because the house is all mine for a few hours each day (ahhh – bless my children’s teachers) but due to the anticipation of  all that will occur in these short, sweet, nine months; milestones, memories, and maturity are part of every school year.  It is plain exhilarating!

My good friend and fellow educator, Kathy, and I went up to my family’s mountain home a few weeks ago to craft and giggle. We did just that.  Kathy is a fireball of upbeat energy and one of the sweetest Texans with the biggest hearts you will ever meet.  She is setting up her classroom and sitting through in-service training at this very moment getting ready to teach math to junior high students yet again this year. (Did you catch that?! JUNIOR HIGH!! Can you agree she will have multiple jewels in her heavenly crown?! Junior High – Lord have mercy!!).

Over the weekend Kathy finished off an incredible quilt for a friend – what beauty and talent.  I made trash tags (see the post entitled the same), a journal, and cards from old catalog pages.  I was graced and gifted with Kathy’s sewing machine skills (let’s just say I have an F- in that area of crafting – what IS it with the bobbin?!).  I picked up an old school reader at an antique store for $3, tore out some of the pages, trimmed their edges and cut some ribbon.  I was done faster than you can say, “See Spot run.  Run Spot run.  Go, go, go.”  I have wanted to make a vintage reader pennant banner for a while now but you already know about my sewing deficiency.  I require after school tutoring to say the least.  I’m a challenged learner when it comes to anything with a thread.  I decided not to cut the pages into triangles or “v” the bottoms but leave them as full rectangles.  This allows for  letters to be put on them should the need arise in the future.  These banners can be used for baby showers, back to school decor, a toddler’s birthday party, personalized with letters to spell out a name for a baby in a nursery, or just a vintage touch at any party.  I picked up a bolt of yellow ribbon at the thrift store for pennies and then we got to work.   I love the way the machine stitching shows on the ribbon and paper don’t you?  It is suggested to space the pages far enough apart to be able to add some tufts of ribbon coordinated to the color of the party at which you will use the banners. You can do this with any type of book pages.  I have several pages of the book left over for other crafts (tags, cards, boxes etc..).  I’m so grateful for Kathy’s help.  If you are like me and need some tutelage in the seamstress area, find a gifted friend like my sweet Kathy who is generous of heart to share her talent.   Now, “Go, go, go…see, see, see, run, run, run, craft, craft craft.”  :)


My friend, Kathy, working on the quilt for her friend in TX.


We used between three and five book pages per banner. Here are the simple materials for this craft before being sewn.


Here is Kathy sewing the ribbon over the top of the pages.  Notice the cute scallop on the edge of this ribbon.


I liked using all parts of a book – from the Table of Contents and Index to the publisher’s pages.


Completed vintage reader pennant banner.  Thanks Kathy!  You do A++ work!!




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