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School days, school days, good ole’ golden rule days…reading and writing, arithmetic…It’s that time of year – summer is starting to draw to a close and right around the corner we will be toting kids to school and to the abundance of activities that come with it.  As a teacher, I love when the school supplies arrive in the stores.  I meander up and down those aisles over and over looking at all the notebooks excited about the learning that will be put on their pages.  I just love the beginning of a new school year.  The smell of new books and crayons, purchasing a new lunch box and back pack…it all comes with the territory.  I told my daughter after buying her new pair of glittered Tom’s she wasn’t allowed to wear them until the first day of school.  She balked and protested and then asked, “Why?”  I said, “I don’t know – it is what my Mom had us do when we were kids.”  Did you have to “save” your shoes for the first day of school?  I gave in to my daughter’s excitement and told her to go ahead and wear them out (which should never happen for the cost of those shoes.)

This year will be a bit different for me since I retired after 15 years of teaching.  My colleagues are on the typical countdown of summer days left before inservice begins (every teacher reading this can relate).  I can tell now that I’m retired because I keep telling myself I don’t have to count how many summer days are left any more (old habits are hard to break).  Whether or not my retirement is permanent only the Lord knows, but for this August I will have no bullentin boards to pin or desks to clean and order in my classroom.  I will still pin up things, but now instead of bullentin boards, I’ll stick to pinning things up on Pinterest and on this site.   I will clean and rearrange things at home now instead of in my classroom (which is a needed and good thing).

As a result of this end of summer restlessness I have not yet shed, I got out my back to school decor here at home to enjoy. I thought you might enjoy these vintage finds.  One of these days now that I’m retired – I’m going to read some of these antique educational books.   I’m sure they will provide me some entertainment for my own”home schooling”.  Take a look at my “classroom” abode.

coffee table

Glass owl cup comes from Target ($2.50) holds vintage wooden rulers, blocks have the initials of my family and sit on top of vintage dictionaries, Ohio Art Globe Bank, antique typewriter holds subway art from Pinterest.

mantle - back to school

Back to school mantle holds a globe, 48 star flag, antique "creative teaching" book, "school days" pencil box, vintage French flash cards that say "teacher", and a painting of a little red school house that has a shadow cast on it from a church steeple with cross. On the left of the hearth is an antique child's easle and on the right a retirement "board of education" made for me by my friend, Debbie. My friend Susan reminded me my husband's elementary plaid lunch box was no where seen in these photos. I promptly got it out and used it to prop up the globe in this photo. Thanks Susan - great touch!


Front entry hutch - back to school

The green Playskool chalkboard I picked up on a recent trip to Iowa. The school hand bell belonged to my great aunt. The ruler was mine as a child and I just love the antique school pencil box. I agree with the vintage flash cards...this is good.

back to school hutch

Here are some more items on the black hutch in my front entry; "Tip" readers, a "play" flash card, antique metal yellow school bus and another Ohio Art Globe Bank.

Back to school front entry table

The front entry table contains a flag tucked into a pot of geraniums, a flag base topped with antique text books, another Ohio Art Globe Bank, See & Spell toy and antique flag print. How many Ohio Art Globe Banks can one have? 4 because I found them 4 for $10 on my Iowa trip.

back to school powder bath sink

Next to the sink in the powder bath are these treasures....ANOTHER Ohio Art Globe Bank (no, you can't have too many), a ruler, "dustless crayons"/chalk tin and I couldn't resist this cute kindergraph book I picked up on a trip to MN recently when visiting my friend, Carolyn.

back to school table - powder bath

Here is a secretary table I have in one of our powder rooms all dressed to go back to school. I spelled "teacher" using vintage game pieces. I love the old handwriting book don't you? Mrs. Sorenson would be proud of my neat handwriting today!

back to school hutch doors

These hutch doors have vintage flash cards and a piece of sheet music entitled, "The Little Red School House" pinned up with glittered clothes pins. Yes - that is a picture of me with three of my siblings in our school uniforms on the first day of school.

back to school front door

I've mentioned before on my front door is not a wreath, but a large antique frame backed with chicken wire. It allows me to easily change out seasonal decor. Here is an antique piece of sheet music entitled, "School Life" and vintage flash cards with mine and my husband's initials.

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