By the DAWN’s early light!

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DAWN, my sister-in-law, recently had a birthday.  I was inspired by a gift given to me a while ago by my friend, Debbie, to make something similar for Dawn.  I made a “blessing box” and included inside it a journal and pen for Dawn to record blessings or prayers, hold love letters, or special keepsakes.  I asked her for the names of all the schools she attended, her favorite Bible verse etc…and here is what resulted.

Blessing box

Blessing box lid: I tore out a page from an old Bible of her favorite Bible passage and mounted it on scrapbook paper. The antique key points her favorite verse. The baby photo is a copy machine copy and underneath it I couldn't resist including the dictionary definition of the word "dawn" to play off her name. Scrabble letters spell out her name along with a scrapbook embellishment of a clock and some vintage white buttons.













Inside lid of blessing box

I purchased the box at a thrift store and it had black foam all over the inside. A labor of love for sure to get it all scraped out but worth it for such a lovely wooden box. I lined the entire inside of the box with mix-matched black and white papers. I glued on a vintage Texas viewmaster and puzzle piece since she was born in the Lone Star state. The baby photo of her includes her mom's handwriting - a real treasure since Dawn's mom passed away when she was in college. Again - I used a photo copy of the photo.













Base of blessing box

This is the inside base of the blessing box. I used a vintage bingo card and highlighted the number 47 since this was her 47th birthday. I love to use bingo cards for birthday cards since you can find pretty much any number and play off that. Notice the dominoes are "4 7" and I glued on the call number G 47 to the domino to say, "Gee - you are 47!" There is a funny quote card from a thrift store game that says, "I have everything I had 20 years ago, it just all hangs a little lower." A scrapbook "birthday party" card finishes it off and I wrote Dawn's birlthday on it.














completed blessing box

Around the perimeter base of the box I typed the names of her elementary, middle, and high schools as well as college to add that extra personal touch.










blessing box tag

I stamped a "generations" tag and wrote on it "God has been so faithful!" on it and tied this to the latch of the box.










completed blessing box

Here is the completed blessing box. Dawn said it brought tears to her eyes when she opened it to have something so personal and sentimental. I'm glad it will be a precious keepsake for her. For whom could you make one? The possibilities are endless as a bridal or baby shower, graduation, or anniversary gift. Have some fun with it!


















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