Chicken Wire Repurposed Frames – Sonoran Living Live February 9, 2012

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Recently Sonoran Living Live was kind enough to invite me on their show to demonstrate one of my “clever creations.”  Andi Barness, one of the co-hosts, saw something I made my friend Shelley.  Shelley was kind enough to show her my book and the rest is history. Andi, Stephanie, and Denise, along with the entire crew, were a lot of fun to work with and made me feel right at home.  I dusted off my TV newsbroadcasting classes from college and got to play DIY Network on our local ABC 15  Phoenix affiliate.  The feedback was positive so I thought you might want to make this creation for yourself or as a gift.  While I taught the craft in 4 minutes on the live TV segment, it will take you slightly longer than that to make yourself – but not by much. I’ve included step by step photos and directions below for this repurposed frame.  Here’s your opportunity to take something ugly or unuseable in its current condition and turn it into something beautiful and purposeful…your own ugly duckling story.  It reminds me of my 6th grade school photo (why did I let Denise fix my hair like that for the picture I will never know!) to my somewhat improved 10th grade photo –  although my kids still laugh when they look at my yearbook.  In one craft you will have gone green, supported a charity and your community (if you purchase your old frame at a thrift store like I did), and make a gift/item for your home for under $5-10 (depending on the cost of the frame).  So get your cluck on – it’s time to make chicken wire frames!

Step 1:

Chicken Wire Repurposed Frames

Supplies needed from the home improvement store: 3/8

Step 2:

clothespin clips

Supplies needed to embellish clothespin clips: glue stick, all-purpose glue (527 or E6000), scissors, scrabble letters, buttons, glitter, old jewelry, scrapbook paper cut into strips, photos...really anything you can glue onto the clothespins.

Step 3:

Frame base

Buy a frame/picture from the thrift store - or you can buy a new frame. This one was 50% off so I got it for $4 and threw out the dated picture.

Step 4:

Take apart the frame

Take the frame apart - this one required tearing off some backing paper, removing a staple or two and taking out the glass.


Backing torn off

Picture backing torn off - just have to take out the glass.


Be sure to wear gloves taking out the glass.

Be sure to wear gloves taking out the glass.

Step 5:

Cut the chicken wire to fit the frame.

Cut the chicken wire to fit the frame.


Step 6:

Paint the frame

Paint the frame to match your decor. This one was blue and I changed it to black for a gift for my friend, Cheryl...shhh...don't snitch!


Let the frame dry.

Let the frame dry...I went on a bike ride with my family to a local restaurant to eat breakfast...what's something fun you could go do at this point instead of watching paint dry?

Step 7:

Sand off the paint on the edges

Step 8:

Staple on the chicken wire.

Staple the chicken wire on the back of the frame. Be sure to pull it tight so there's no don't want coyotes to be able to get in your chicken pen!

Step 9:


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