Christmas Time Is Here…

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Christmas cards are starting to arrive in my mailbox and probably yours too.  So how do you display your cards?  Traditionally over a ribbon somewhere?  In a basket?  In a Christmas mail box or photo holder?  More importantly – what do you do with your cards once Christmas is over?  If you are anything like me, I have such a hard time tossing into the trash all those beautiful family photo cards and Christmas cards.  I have saved mine for years and reused the fronts of the traditional folded cards as gift tags the following year, recycled the photos into an art project, donated cards to organizations that recycle the card fronts or kept them in a basket near our dining table and pulled them out to use as prayer cards to pray for the families that sent them to us.  For the last four years I have stamped the year and made a cover for the cards and attached them to a large “O” ring decorated with ribbons and jingle bells.  Of course if you aren’t a crafter you could type the year on the computer and attach it to a simple recipe card.  I also attach the paper letters people send. It is then easy to use the  group of cards near my prayer chair long after the Christmas Season is over.  I randomly select a few cards every day and pray for those families during my devotions or occasionally at the dinner table during the meal’s blessing.  I’d love to hear from you what you do with the cards sent to you.  Here’s a couple of photos to give you the idea.  This post is especially for my friend, Pat D. who has been asking to see this idea for months.  Thanks for your patience, Pat.  :)

Christmas cards

2011 Christmas cards on a large "o" ring


O ring close up

Here is a close up of the varied ribbons and jingle bell I attached to the large "O" ring. If you don't have a special place for your cards, you could easily do this as you recieve your Christmas cards as they arrive in your mail and display them on a coffee table or side table.

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