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We recently remodeled our youngest daughter’s room.  Actually she decided at age 11 1/2 she was ready to put away most of her toys and transform the toy room for her new bedroom.  She wanted “modern” which is the antithesis of the rest of our home.  Feeling strongly that a child’s room should reflect their personality and not the parents’, we compromised with an industrial-modern decor.  She wanted bold tropical blue and BRIGHT orange.  Also important to her was a white desk and NO CURTAINS (as in nada, zero, none, no-how!).  She did compromise with a modern blind which she is now happy about and will be really happy about it as she hits the sleep-in, don’t wake me before noon teenage years.  We had custom cabinetry built for the room including the built-in beds by a local craftsman (Thanks Tim at Euro American Style Cabinets!)  I love the deep drawers.  The closet in the toy room is a large walk-in so Kyndrid doesn’t yet know how dreamy she has it with that – but in a few years she will appreciate it.  About the only things left for Kyndrid’s room is to find a modern white ceiling fan, and a clock.  (She would say a new Apple computer too but we think she needs to enjoy her “sleepover” room as is.  I’ve also told her no bed hopping as I only want to wash one set of sheets a week – not 4!  We just had my two nieces and sister here visiting - the extra beds have already proved great fun and functional.)

With Kyndrid taking over the toy room – that left her bedroom up for grabs for me.  Her former bedroom became my office.  I thought about making it a home-gym but considering the sport of eating ice-cream and Cinnabon ranks a lot higher in my life than working out – an office seemed like a better idea.  I am waiting until summer to take on the mess of installing the brick wall to give my office an industrial vibe.  I’m also still hunting for a sparkly, just ever so girly chandelier and waiting on the curtains I am having sewn made from linen with a torn ruffle edge.  They should be here in a few weeks.   Here’s a peek at our progress.

KCs room in progress

We painted the concrete floors a light gray per my daughtert's request. I liked it so much I decided on the same for my office.


There are photos later in this post on how I painted the numbers on the steps. On the left side of the steps are two more beds behind the bookcase which you can't see here (see photo below). The orange chevron striped pillows were a jewel of a find considering we found them at TJ Maxx after we painted Kyndrid's wall with chevron stripes of the same color (see next photos).


The math to paint this wall would make your head spin. I'm thankful for Felipe's gift of painting and layout. We fondly refer to this wall as Charlie Brown's shirt.



We wired in an outlet mid-wall for a future tv but we want Kyndrid to be a bit older so she knows how to manage her time well before installing it.



To paint numbers on the stair risers, I measured to the center of the stair riser and taped the stencil down with painter's tape. I found the stencils at Ace Hardware.

Tap the paint onto the stencil opening. Don't brush or it will leak and smear.


It's as easy as 1-2-3....



Kyndrid requested a white desk. This one is seven feet wide so we hope some "A" homework will be completed here (parental wishful thinking??). The gray armoir is 10 plus feet tall and over 5 feet wide. Storage is not lacking in this room.



The entry into my office is adorned with vintage purses. Most of them I picked up on an antiquing trip to Nashville last fall.


Behind the office door is a quote board. Currently I have a quote from Hudson Taylor. I find quotes to be inspirational so like to have them in front of me for a reminder.


As you enter the office you are greeted by a mix of industrial/shabby decor. My "queen" mannequin greets you along with the antique French writing desk filled with vintage treasures. Above the writing desk is a vintage chalkboard map of the USA and we hung a vintage child's bike. That was no easy task but I love the end result. I have a vintage industrial light that my hubby doesn't yet know I want hung above the map...not sure how thrilled he will be about that since the electrician was assured he would not need to cut any more holes in the wall by one "sure" office occupant. Well...it is a woman's perogative to change her mind right?!


I love my collection of German, French, British and American vintage wind up clocks that sit on top of the French writing desk. The ticking of a clock is an endearing sound to me (but my daughter in the room next door finds them annoying so I was respectful and let them wind down.)


This is a white wicker letter writing desk. I bought it when I was 18. Through the years it served as a diaper changing table in my daughters' nurseries. Sweet memories at this desk.


The hide-a-bed sofa serves as my reading/study spot. The red floral/fruit print under this drop cloth wouldn't have worked in this room. So I watched a youtube tutorial on how to slip cover a sofa with a painter's drop cloth. Voila'! $35 later and it works great thanks to some strategically placed pvcp pipes in the cushion. The slipcover stays put and yet if we ever need the hide-a-bed, it is simple to remove the slipcover. Gotta love transformations like that! The pillow on the center of the sofa I made from an antique French flour bag. Bed pillows that were starting to lose their shape were shoved into the bag. Large safety pins were used to "close" the bag (I wanted the metal to show). Then pieces of antique lace were tied to the safety pins. It turned out to be the perfect industrial shabby pillow.


Beside the sofa is an antique school desk from the 1940s. It works as an end table. On the end table sit old atlases, a stamp collecting book from around the world, a 1930s school class photo, beginning readers, an antique autograph book and the lamp was a freebie from a friend. I jazzed up the shade with burlap, lace, and Bible page flowers.

On the left side of the sofa sits a large bird cage as an end table. It houses my collection of vintage hankies along with antique bird books. On top of the birdcage is an apothacary jar from my sisters for my 40th birthday. It is filled with paper mache' birds covered in book pages. The candle holder is made from an antique light fixture. The hydrangeas are a Christmas gift from my mom - she knows they are one of my favorite flowers. Matter of fact - she planted a hydrangea bush at her house in Iowa just for me since I can't grow them in AZ.

I turned a standard closet in the room into my built-in desk. Custom bookshelves painted in a rhinocerus gray hang over the desk and are filled with my favorite books and sentimental treasures.

My desk top was made simply from a piece of white coated shelving and some brackets. It will get trimmed with a piece of vintage lace. I still need to bring down from my studio a rolling postal cart that contains cards. It will roll perfectly under the desk to the left of the chair. The chair was a great find at TJ MAXX - one of my favorite stores!

This $10 diamond in the rough of a frame found at a garage sale got a coat of the same rhinocerus gray paint on the work desk built-ins and got turned into....


...THIS! I hung on the bulletin board ads from the 1920s and 1940s, a photo on my mother's wedding day, a photo of my siblings, a vintage flash card and a copy of my parents' wedding invitation. This hangs above the sofa. This is a large scale bulletin board. The cork board was found at Goodwill and cost $5. So a $15 large scale statement is a pretty great treasure indeed don't you think? Brad will one day build me a palet sofa table shelf under this piece.

This incredible industrial coffee table was purchased at one of my favorite local antique stores when my sister was in town shopping with me. I'm getting ready to decorate for a local ministry event so currently it holds some decor for the event.

It is ever so subtle - but I had wide tone on tone stripes painted on the ceiling of my office. I have a chandelier in my mind's eye and am waiting until what I see in my head is a reality in some antique store. Patience...patience! Once found - I will hang it with a ceiling medallion. Over the window is a clothesline of vintage crocheted doiles. The window wall will be soon getting covered in brick to lend to the industrial warehouse feel. I have two industrial pendant lights which will hang in front of the window.

My help was starting to fade before the concrete floors got painted.


My helpers were truly ready to call it a day - but not before we got a few more things completed.

The hard part about remodeling is the mess. All of the furniture from the toy room and Kyndrid's room got shoved into the room across the hall. This white wicker dresser I purchased when I was 18. The handles got a coat of white spray paint and the dresser now sits in the Kyndrid's walk-in closet.


I hope you enjoyed seeing most of the transformation.  When the curtains arrive for my office and the brick wall gets completed – I will update this page. All as easy as 1-2-3 – it just took a bit of time and patience (and some good contractors!).













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