Global Training Institute for Women Event

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Clever Creations recently had the joy of being asked to help decorate for the first annual Global Training Institute for Women breakfast fundraiser.  Janelle Wood and her team at GTIW are doing all kinds of amazing work around the world – especially for women in the Middle East.  Google their ministry and see how you can help!   It was a joy to work with Barbara Uhlmann in getting the decor completed for this event.  Being that they are GLOBAL Training Institute for Women – I asked if we could go with a “globe” theme.  My heart’s motive was to get the most bang for their buck so the ministry is able to reuse whatever I purchased at future events.  It seemed obvious a globe theme would be the best choice.  I already had globes in my home, borrowed one or two and then put out a Facebook post for National Geographics (Thanks to Scottsdale Christian Academy who was happy to donate these!).  I rounded up decor from my own home using vintage train suitcases, binoculoars, a viewmaster, maps, atlases, globes, and then purchased flowering plants from Home Depot.  We wrapped up the plants in craft paper and twine which is an inexpensive fix and then these plants were planted after the event.  Burlap was used as a base on half of the tables and then crosses, books about the world/globes etc…and some odds and ends were used to fill in the decor.  Clever Creations had a lot of compliments on the 19 decorated tables and the stage.  I hope this inspires you for your next event.  Decorating in this manner saves a lot of money and adds visual interest. Remember – things don’t have to match exactly to work.  A theme with continuity yet different items adds a lot of visual appeal.

This traincase sat on top of a large atlas and on all sides it was surrounded with plants and decor that included vintage oil cans, a plant wrapped in craft paper and twine, national geographics etc..


This is the backside of that same train case...I propped up a globe book end against the case and tucked in vintage oil cans.


A flag from Turkey, travel books, postcards, a vintage camera, vintage hymnal, atlases, a bird nest and plant jazzed up table number 3.

Backside of table three shows the atlases and vintage globe bank along with the flowers.

A vintage briefcase that was engraved with the phrase, "Dare to be great" I found for $18 was the base of table 1. A travel book, vintage camera, plant and globe were some of the decor to make-up this center piece.

Backside of table one = a Billy Graham song book, vintage camera, post cards, map, and a bee hive.

Plants, a vintage camera, postcards, map, galvanized metal container, burlap, vintage candy scale = table #2


Backside of table number two. The scale held a vintage map of Bermuda and some travel postcards of the Middle East. You can see the base of a large atlas layered with more postcards.


Another table with a globe, map, camera, travel book, National Geographics etc..



Globes, vintage photo albums and touches of spring by way of a bird nest along with easles tucked in with quotes were also used. Be sure to vary the height of your decor to add interest.


Sheet music printed with a globe and an old clock, and an oil can were used for filler.


Here a stand alone cross adds to the world atlas/dictionary and post cards along with the globe/plant theme.


Maps rolled up and tucked into the train case and a vintage viewmaster and slides added some nostalgia to this table. The guests were commenting on how all of this deccor was bringing back fond memories.

Vintage leather Bibles, plants/topiaries, and spring decor added flair to the tables as well. at round tables ensure all sides are decorated so no matter where a guest may sit, there is visual appeal.






Old spools on their side were layered along with a vintage camera and old globe bank.


I found an "Arizona Passport" at a local area museum that I tucked in with a free-standing cross and a globe bookend.


A mirror base was used on table 5 to tie in the "In His Image" theme for the event.



A large metal clip holding a vintage world's fair postcard and vintage geography books and hymnals add dimension here at table 13.






A vase turned upside down acts as a support for a small globe ball.


The speaker podium was surrounded by flowering plants, a watering can, large metal cross, atlases, suitcases and globes, beehive, and plants.


The registration table sets the theme with binoculars, an atlas, trunk, and travel materials before the guests enter the ballroom.






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