Happy JaNEWary!

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Baby it’s COLD outside!!  Ok, maybe not here in AZ – but pretty much everywhere else in the US.  So to kick off the New Year I made up some gifts for friends, family, neighbors, and teachers.  My tag reads:  Baby it’s COLD outside!  Happy JaNEWary & blessings in 2013!  Love, The Brad Boxberger Family.  “Then He who sat on the throne said, “I make all things NEW.”  Rev 21:5

Here are some ideas as to what to put in your basket/bags:

Snocaps candy

Inexpensive gloves/socks

Fuzzy slipper socks

ICE Breakers mints (in WINTERgreen of course!)

Hand/Foot warmers (the kind you snap and they keep your hands warm inside your mittens – found at Walmart)

A gift certificate for an Icee (or an empty Icee cup with money inside it)

A gift certificate for ice-skating at your local rink (Remember – I live in AZ – it is our only option since we don’t have a frozen pond in our backyard.)

FROST mints

WINTERgreen gum


ChapICE lip balm (found at Dollar Tree)


ICE gum (Dentyne)

Water bottle covered with “Melted Snowman” label (label found on Pinterest from Jen at Lifeinalargerstory.blogspot.com)

Hot Cocoa packet

Cough drops (I like the Luden’s cherry because when I was a child my mother, a nurse, never afforded us the luxury of Luden’s cherry cough drops.  They were too much like “candy” according to her so instead I gagged on the Hall’s menthol cough drops she insisted we use if we were really sick. I’ll admit they probably work better than the Luden’s cherry – so true confessions – I put some of both brands in my baskets. :) )

Hand Sanitizer


White cotton candy (found this at Walmart)

Canned snow (found at Dollar Tree – although there is a recipe for homemade on Pinterest)

Snowman picture holder (found in Christmas aisle)

Snowflake ornaments

BLIZZARD lip balm (found at Dollar Tree)

Snowman basket or bag (I found mine at Wal-mart in the Christmas aisle)

Here’s what I used and what it looks like finished.  Hope this helps you should you have a party to go to and need a hostess gift or just want to gift some people for whom you are thankful.  Happy 2013!!

Examples of items for your New Year's gift

Examples of items for your New Year's gift


January tag

JaNEWary tag


Water bottle label found on Pinterest

Water bottle label found on Pinterest


Cotton candy and canned snow

Cotton candy and canned snow


snowman photo holder

Snowman photo holder found in the Christmas aisle



Lip balm from Dollar Tree

BLIZZARD lip balm from Dollar Tree. They also carry Chap-ICE brand. :)


JaNEWary basket

JaNEWary basket completed for delivery

For party favors this Christmas for my Bunko friends, I put the water bottle (melted snowman), WINTERfresh gum, and canned snow in a cellobag with seasonal scrapbook paper topper and a tag that read: “There’s SNOW greater gift at Christmas than time spent with good friends.  Merry Christmas, friend.”  You could do the same tag/gift for New Year’s by substituting out the words “at Christmas” for the words “in theNew Year” to read:

“There’s SNOW greater gift in the New Year than time spent with good friends. Happy New Year, friend!”












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  1. Lisa

    So cute and generous of you to give and to share your ideas. You make people smile and I know that is a gift to you in return.

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