Hi-HO Hi-HO It’s back to work you go!

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Do you know anyone starting a new job?  My sister-in-law recently accepted a job to re-enter the work force after many years of being at home.  I thought it would be fun to recognize this life change for her with a little gift.  Here is what I did for my sister-in-law as well as some other ideas you could use for anyone starting a new job:







A lunch bag – I typed a tag and tied it onto an insulated lunch bag (I found this lunch bag at Wal-mart).  The tag said:

Congratulations on your new job!  I want to “take you to lunch” every work day.  Here’s something to help you “bring home the bacon.”

Insulated lunch bag

Insulated lunch bag gift

Congratulations wine glass

Congratulations wine glass stuffed with a piece of colored tissue and a bag of confetti. You could add a tag on this that says "Cheers on your new job!" I tucked this inside the lunch bag.

Hi HO Hi HO tag

Hi-HO Hi-Ho It's off to work you go. Congratulations on your new job! (Two Hostess Ho Ho cakes wrapped up in a cellophane bag were also tucked inside the lunch bag.)

Perfume = You will be SCENTsational in your new position at (name of company).  Congratulations!
Starbucks gift card = I wanted to PERCOLATE up some congratulations on your new job. Hope this helps you to get your first day started with a JOLT as (name of job).  Your new boss will have a LATTE good things to say about your great work.  You will be a shining STAR in your new position as (name of job) and making the big BUCKS before you know it! Way to go!
Candle = You will SHINE in your new position as (type of job) because no one can HOLD A CANDLE to you.  Work hard but be sure not to BURN THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS in your new job.
Calculator = Because you are one talented lady, I CALCULATE great things will happen for you as (name of position at name of company).
Nail Polish = You are always so POLISHED and professional.  You are sure to be noticed in your new position at (name of company). Go get ‘em!
Nail File = I wanted to help you with all your FILING so you don’t get behind at the office.
Hand Lotion = I wanted to give you a HAND at work.
Lunch Gift Card = I wanted to TAKE YOU TO LUNCH.  Have a great first day of work!

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