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I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that read “Don’t delay joy.”  I started to question how that bumper sticker could be applied in a way that would serve as a blessing rather than be misapplied as an excuse to indulge.  Not to over think it too much (too late for that I know), I was once told happiness is circumstantial, joy is from the inside out.  So to use that bumper sticker as my teacher (I love being a student in life) I started to run with that idea.  What could I do today not to delay passing joy on to others?  I LOVE a good surprise and equally love to surprise others.  Something unexpected, fun, different, and yes…dare I say it…even indulgent at times. I love to surprise people with little “I’m thinking of you” gifts…for no special reason at all.  “Just because”.  I grew up hearing the phrase, “I got you an “S”.  “S” stood for surprise.  It is why I’m a fan of surprises to this day.  (I will add  while my childhood surprises were fun and dear, they were never indulgent – my parents are very practical people).  However, I’m married to Mr. Fun (AKA, Brad).  He is always surprising me and our girls with sweet “I love you” gifts. While he is very practical himself, he does not tend to be practical when it comes to others.  He is a generous soul and is a hilarious giver.  It is my observation he loves to lavish others with good things.  These good things come in a variety of forms; service, heart/love, assistance, good-listening, fun, humor, and yes, material goods at times.  When he comes home with his hands behind his back and says, “Pick one,” or “I’ve got a surprise for you”  I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve!  I never know if it is going to be a mint from the restaurant where he had lunch to tell me he was thinking of me, or if it is something that is worth a “mint”.  And no matter what it is he is using to surprise me or others in his path of generosity, the thrill comes in his thoughtfulness for others.  The unexpected.  The kindness.  So I thought this Easter it would be fun to deliver some “unexpected” to others.

Every year as a family we sneak out on Easter Eve and surprise our neighbors, some of our friends, and family.  We deliver surprise Easter baskets to their doors so when they go outside Easter morning, something that celebrates this joyful day in the Christian faith awaits.  I won’t be able to show you everything we put in the baskets (Where would be the element of surprise in that?)…but I’m just starting to formulate my thoughts on what should be included this year.  I try to change it up year to year.  This year, I thought it would be fun to be creative with the containers the items go in.  Of course there is nothing wrong with the typical basket – but I’m trying to find an element of surprise – even in the gifting of the “basket” itself.

Yesterday I was in a shop and found a really wonderful red, rusted (watch out tetanus) metal drill box.  The “unexpected” is the box turns out to be magnetic!  I paid $3 for the box.  Who could leave it there for that price?  Certainly not me.  I immediately looked at it and saw it as an Easter basket.  What do you think?  Can you imagine this filled with yellow Easter grass, magnetic letters that spell “Easter” (made out of vintage game pieces) stuck to the open lid (which is just rusty enough to stay partially open on its own), and filled with goodies?  It would be wonderful  filled with small pots of spring flowers too (or just throw the dirt on into it and plant within the box).  What are your thoughts?

Rusted drill box for Easter basket

My $3 treasure - what is it? A drill box, planter, or an Easter basket? Wait and see...future post coming with it completed. Potential galore!

I found at the same shop these crocheted flowers in spring colors for $1 each….what to do with these hand-crafted beauties?  They may be short on smell but what they lack in fragrance they gain in intracacies.  Oh the creations to come!

Vintage hand-crocheted flowers

Vintage hand-crocheted flowers

My mind was a wander (yes I realize it is most of the time) with all the potential for the season.  When I got home yesterday I had to restrain myself from getting out the Easter decorations.  After all, Saturday is the celebration of my people and St. Patrick.  One holiday at a time Shela-Lyn…one at a time.  But it didn’t prevent me from pouring jelly beans into an antique confectioner’s scale.  I bought it years ago on a girls’ fall trip to New York and Pennsylvania.  It brings back fond memories with my friends, Lori, Lisa, Sharon, & Marilyn.  If I’m going to use a little “unexpected” on others….I need to try it out in my own home this Easter holiday.  I love to use items in a different way than intended.  Check out this scale as my jelly bean holder.

Antique confections scale as my jelly bean holder

Antique confections scale as my jelly bean holder. What could you use around your house to hold jelly beans other than a candy dish?


Not to “bunny trail” too far (but after all it IS Easter)…as I walked into the grocery store today I was greeted by the sweet aroma of spring flowers.  Tulips in a multitude of colors beckoned me to their beauty…and I indulged. I picked up two bunches; yellow and orange.  Indulgent for sure.  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.  Mom gave me this tulip vase some years ago and I couldn’t wait to bring the tulips home and put them in it.  My husband raved over their beauty….oh good.  The act of purchasing flowers for no other reason than appreciating the beauty of God’s creation brought joy to him also.  Bumper sticker assignment complete.  No joy delayed here.

spring tulips

Spring tulips - pitter patter goes my heart!

While shopping, I remembered some products I used in the baskets years ago that would serve to be perfect for this year’s gifts.    Take a peek.  Can you guess what I’ll be doing with these?

Annie's Bunny Grahams Annie's Honey Bunny O's

My spring break from school happens to be the week before Easter.  I will need to get in some serious treasure hunting between now and then to create the “unexpected” Easter-themed baskets.  It seems appropriate to the Holiday that the theme I’ve chosen this year is “the unexpected.”  After all, who would have ever “expected” the God of heaven and earth to love us so much He gave us His one and only Son, that whoever should believe in Him would have eternal life (Jn 3:16)?  Now that is the ultimate, unexpected Gift!  Let me know what is going on in your heart and craft world as you prepare for Easter.  I’m sure you have some EGGSceptional ideas you could share.  I’ll post my completed Easter creations soon!  But in the meantime…I better HOP to it!





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  1. faye erickson

    I met you for the first time at the thrift store that we all go to ..you were so friendly and helpful and told me about your website. It was so fun to read your blog…you are truly a creative gal. I will continue to follow your website to see what exciting stuff awaits me..I read what you said about chewing gum…I can chew gum and have a good eye but am kind of dyslexic when it comes to my left hand and right. Thanks again for your help. F.

    • Shela-Lyn

      Hi Faye,
      It was fun bumping into you two days in a row! What a small world indeed. Attending the Sweet Salvage monthly events here in Phoenix are such fun. It was great to see you there. Kim, Cynthia, and all the folks at Sweet Salvage put on a great event. Did you find some treasures? I have all the goodies I found at Goodwill all washed up and ready to go as “Easter baskets”. I’ll be posting photos so you can see before and afters. I have quite the collection and the most expensive one was $8. What fun awaits! I hope my blog inspires you to create some of your own serendipity!

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