Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

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Jesus Tree

Jesus/Advent Tree



This is an advent tree.  My friend, Susan, & I created these for a craft for our MOPS group years ago when our oldest children (now 19 & 18) were one-year-old. I store the tree away every year with the lights on it.  We only use a small 14” table top tree and miniature ornaments.  Choose one ornament every day and then read the coordinating Scripture.   We made some of the ornaments ourselves and some were purchased in craft stores.  We added ribbon or hooks for hangers for the homemade items. There are more items listed than 25 days – so that you can start on the first day of Advent (which often it starts in November) or you can begin on December 1st. Many of the ornaments we had our children paint/make when they were young.  For the ornaments you could use stamped images or clip art, go to the miniature section in the craft store, make the items, or use items from the toy box. This is a great way to keep Jesus as the Reason of the Season.  I have given these as birthday, shower, and Christmas gifts and they have always been well received by the children and parents. I hope you incorporate this idea into your Christmas tradition. ENJOY!

Ornament                              Meaning                                 Scripture

Tree—————————–Everlasting One————–Is 9:6; Heb 13:8

Lights—————————Light of the World———–Mt 5:14; Jn 8:12

Triangle————————Trinity————————–2 Cor 13:14

Red Bow————————Our Sacrifice/Blood———-Heb 9:22

Lamb—————————-Lamb of God/Shepherd—–Jn 10:11

Grapevine/wreath————-The Vine———————-Jn 15:5

Bagel/Cheerio——————Bread of Life—————–Jn 6:35

Star——————————Bright Morning Star——–Rev 22:16

Heart—————————-In our hearts/Savior——–Eph 3:16-17

Rock—————————–Our Rock/Fortress———-Ps 18:2

Ring/Bride/Bridegroom——The Bridegroom———=—Rev 19:7;Jn 3:2

Wrapped present————–Unspeakable Gift———–2 Cor 9:15

Angel—————————Angel of the Lord————Is 63:9

Lily——————————Lily of the Valley————Song of Songs 2:1

Bible—————————–Word of God—————-Rev 19:13

Candy Cane———————Blood of Jesus————–1 Jn 1:7

Dove/Crown——————–Prince of Peace————-Is 9:6

Salt (paper/fast food pkg.)—-Salt of the Earth————Mt 5:13

Gold bell/Treasure chest——Gold/silver/treasure——-Mt 3:3

Pot/Earthen vessel————-Earthen Vessel————–2 Cor 4:7

Perfume (dept. store sample)- Aroma of Christ————2 Cor 2:15

Mirror—————————-Our Image——————-Gen 1:26

Soldier (army man)————We are in God’s army——2 Tim 2:3

Anchor—————————Hope————————-Heb 6:19

Hammer/Saw——————Jesus the Carpenter———Mk 6:3

Stethoscope (Barbie size)—–Jesus the Physician———Mt 11:28

Soap/Snow/Cottonball——–Jesus is holy & pure——–Mal 3:2

Nail——————————Jesus/our Sacrifice———Jn 3:16

Examples of ornaments

Ornaments for Jesus/Advent tree

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