“Live imperfectly with great delight!”

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It’s “Friends Day Friday” here at Clever Creations.  I like to share what some of my friends are doing which I’m sure will inspire you as much as I am inspired by them.  I’m prideful like this so I’ll go ahead and boast upfront - I have the BEST friends! So lucky you get to meet some of them on Fridays.  Today I’m featuring my friend, Debbie.  There aren’t enough words or pages to describe Debbie and the delight she is to me and so many.  But I will share some of the many fun things I love about Deb (I was going to share one thing but I couldn’t do it).  She is wise, teachable, hilarious, transparent, and the real deal.  Years ago when we met as classroom “roomies” (she taught mornings, I taught afternoons, and we shared a classroom) she told me she wasn’t “crafty”.  My how things change.  You should see her now!  Since I’m on “spring break” from teaching at school this week…I got the luxury of meeting up with my besties Debbie, Lisa, & Claudette.  We three girls had some good girl gab and grub together at The Herb Box in Scottsdale this past Tuesday (great food and environment if you want to try it). The photo below was a surprise gift Debbie made for me.  (She also brought gifts for Lisa and Claudette because she is just thoughtful like that.  Their “imperfections” as Debbie likes to call her gifts, were equally as cute, but I was so caught up in their company I neglected to take photos – ugh).   Well – I’m TOTALLY inspired by her “imperfection” which is perfectly perfect in my opinon.  My brother, Keith, gave me some square, rusted nails years ago from our family farm.  He told me I was the only one he could think of that would do anything with them.  I have used a few on some sentimental creations but you can guarantee I will be copying Debbie’s creation below for some of my family as a sentimental display.  I hope you try your hand at this.  She made a nail cross and put it on a vintage Easter devotional she tore out of a book and then glued it onto the inside cover of a vintage book cover.  It sits in the iron easle she included and it greets everyone who enters my home on my entry table.  It is a treasure I will keep out all year since Easter is a holiday I live each day as a Christian.
Nail cross

Easter nail cross

Debbie also shared a treasure trove of information with me while we talked as fast as girls can (and believe me – we CAN!).  Two and one-half hours just zipped by! Poof!  This quote is one I hope she paints in her “crapft” room as we like to call it…but I hope it puts a “spring in your step” as it has mine all week.  It is a new mantra I am adapting for myself.

                                                                “Live imperfectly with great delight.”

We are going to blow it in life sometimes…it is just what happens in these bodies of imperfection.  I don’t like it when it occurs in life and I’m sure you don’t either.  But that is what Easter is about – Jesus extending His grace to us.  So why do we have such a hard time extending grace to ourselves and others at times? When a craft turns into a “crapft” – give it away anyway.  People will be blessed by the thought always more than the thing.  Debbie is again my example on this.  Last year she made me a birthday card that went wrong in her opinion.  The only salvagable portion was one part of it so she mailed just the “acceptable” portion to me with that explanation.  I laughed so hard when I opened it – and laughter is a great gift!  I put that card on my inspiration board as a reminder that imperfection can be a beautiful thing when coupled with a spirit of humbleness (and yes, sometimes humor).   I think vulnerability is a beautiful attribute don’t you?  Now get going on your own imperfections…then delight in them. They are bound to inspire and encourage others as Debbie’s have me!  Happy Friends Day Friday everyone!

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