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Valentine’s Day is here in a matter of hours.  I stopped by the post office on the way home to mail a birthday gift to my sister, Gina.  This particular post office is inside of a Hallmark store.  It was quite busy as people swarmed over the Valentine’s Day cards.  What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day?  Chocolate, conversation hearts, more chocolate, and my favorite color, red, is front and center.  But why is Valentine’s Day just one day a year?  Just because card manufacturers declared it to be so – can’t we declare differently?  I’m a big believer in using our words to affirm others…not one reserved day a year but all 365 days.   Our words are free and can be such a great source of encouragement.   That is why I wrote It’s The Thought That Counts; to make it easy to pair your words with simple items that yield powerful results – a person who is encouraged and touched by your thoughtfulness.   Valentine’s Day is often marketed as a day of “romance” …when I prefer to see it as a day of affirmation of those we love and for whom we are thankful.  I love fresh flowers and chocolate…but I’ve asked my husband not to get those for me, especially on Valentine’s Day when they are over-inflated in price (I’m practical to the core).  I would prefer someone make my bed, or wash my truck.  What would really float my boat would be if he would fill the truck with gas and shampoo my floor mats.  Did I mention I’m practical? He is a romantic at heart but my view of  romance is more down to earth.  My guy often will surprise me with a treat on the seat of my car randomly throughout the year.  What isn’t loving about finding where I am during the day, without me knowing it, and leaving a surprise for me to discover?  I have often told my hubby, while he has purchased several lovely gifts for me through the years, one of my all time favorite was a facial scrub brush.  Shortly after we were married Brad noticed my facial brush had a broken handle.  On his own accord he went to the mall and started shopping for this tool for me (I’m sure he had no idea where to start.).  After several stores he found them at a bath shop and bought me two (one for a back up unit).  He noticed what I had, noticed it needed to be replaced, and took it upon himself to replace it for me.  Now that is love and thoughtfulness!  Well just in case you need some last minute ideas that are affordable and easy to gift that will leave an imprint on someone’s heart (like the simple facial brush my husband gave me)….here’s a few ideas  for you.  I’ve also attached photos of what I made this year for some of the people I love (scroll down past the tag ideas to see my simple gifts made with love).

I’ve paired some items and the tag wording below for you to package up:

Air Freshener = Love is in the AIR!

Big Red gum = There are a hundRED reasons I love you…here’s a few…

Riesen Candy = There are so many RIESENS I love (or appreciate) you – Here are a few…

Sweetart Candy = You are such a SWEETART…I’m thankful for you!

Note Cards = There’s NOTE doubt about it – I’m thankful for you.

Certs breath minths = I CERTainly appreciate you Valentine! We were MINT to be friends.

Blow Pop lollipop = You BLOW me away – Happy Valentine’s Day! (Great with a balloon too!)

Swedish Fish = You are oFISHially the best!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Coffee gift card = I love you a LATTE! You PERCOLATE feelings of joy in me!

Earrings = I’m all EARS when it comes to listening to your heart Valentine! EARS to you!

Dentyne Blast gum = I always have a BLAST when I’m with you!

100,000 Candy bar = (Wrap up 10 bite sized bars) “You’re worth a MILLION to me!”

Bliss candy = Being with you is sheer BLISS!

Bath Bubbles or Kids blow bubbles = My heart is BUBBLING up with excitement that you’re my Valentine!

Gummi Bears = Love BEARS all things – 1 cor 13:7.  It’s BEARy good to have you as my teacher/friend/babysitter etc…

Jar of honey or Bit O Honey Candy = BEE Mine Valentine!

Our family has a tradition all year round to set little gifts of “we’re thinking of you” by friends’/family’s doors.  Here’s my clever creation for this Valentine’s:

Heart crazy straws and heart embellishments
I went to Walmart and picked up these heart-shaped crazy straws (4 for $.97 ) and a bag of glitter heart confetti for $.97.
Strawberry Crush
I also purchased Strawberry Crush soda in bottles for about $2.75 a six pack.
I typed a tag that says, “I know it might be CRAZY, but I’ll be CRUSHed if you won’t be my Valentine.”
Backing papers for the tag.
Cut out coordinating scrapbook papers to layer behind the typed tag and punch a heart hole in the tag to tie on the ribbons.


Tie the tag onto the bottle.
Place the heart portion of the straw over the neck of the soda bottle then embellish the tag with a glitter heart and tie the tag onto the  bottle.



Package up the soda
I placed the soda bottle along with some chocolates in a red and white bag. I rolled the top down on the bag and clipped it with an embellished heart clip (see embellished clothespins post). I clipped on a white doilie heart to the front of the bag and simply wrote my niece’s name on the heart.

Because this gift was based with strawberry soda with a straw, you could change the tag wording to say, “I think you are exSTRAWdinary because you are so BERRY kind and wonderful!  I’m so glad we’re friends.”  Or say, “I’m SODA-lighted you are my friend/teacher/babysitter…etc..”  Any combination of wording would work well.  Have fun with thes simple yet impactful gifts of affirmation.  I HEARTly can wait to hear your feedback from what you create!


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    Thanks Dollie – I hope this site serves to inspire you in the future as well!

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    Thanks Jerry for your kind words.

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