Not a creature was STIRring…Heb 10:24

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Every Christmas Season I like to take the time to make some of my gifts.  This year I was in Wal-mart when I passed a great wooden spoon.  I started thinking – who doesn’t love a good wooden spoon?  Perhaps I love a wooden spoon not just for its practical use, but also because of the fond memories it evokes of my Mom.  It seems she was always standing at the stove with a wooden spoon in hand.  A few years ago she gifted me with her very, very, old and well-used wooden spoon.  It isn’t even a full spoon any more.  The end stirred so many gravy pots the end is worn from wear.  One part of the spoon is missing on the side because she got mad at my six brothers running through the house one day so she cracked it on the counter and said, “THAT is ENOUGH!”  (Good thing she didn’t crack it on one of their bottoms!) She said it was such a good spoon she couldn’t afford to toss it so she just used it – partially missing one major part of the spoon!  (She added the splinters in our gravy counted as a protein).  :)  Anyway – I pondered how I could jazz up a wooden spoon with a creative twist.  I think I came up with a great answer and hope you agree.  I delivered these to neighbors today with an advent calendar.  I have a few more to make for other special people in my life.  Here is what you will need:

Wooden spoon (the larger/heavier spoon from Wal-mart is sold for $2.97 each)

A box of brownies

Jingle bells


Wood burner  (I bought mine at Michaels and paid around $15 for it.  I chose one that varied tip sizes.  You want a finer tip for this.)

I made a paper tag on the computer that says, “Not a creature was STIRring, not even a mouse…”  At the bottom of the tag I added, “(This spoon was wood burned and is safe for food use/cooking.)”

On the spoon itself I wood-burned “Heb 10:24″  That verse in Hebrews states, “Stir up love & good works” which is what I wood-burned onto the handle.  Each spoon takes me about 1/2 hour.  It takes a steady hand and a fine point wood burner.

I have started several and don’t know if I will be able to finish the handles on all of them, but the spoon itself on all the ones I am doing have the Scripture reference.  I tied the spoon to the box of brownies and I tied the tag to the spoon with a jingle bell.  This is a craft that takes a few days because after a while, holding the wood burner is tiring on the hand.  So give yourself time to make them.  I usually do no more than two in a sitting.

Of course you could do the same gift without wood-burning the spoon and it would be almost as cute. If you choose this option I suggest adding the Scripture at the bottom of the printed paper tag.  I think these turned out great and hope you agree.  Of course the first one I sent off went to who else?  My mom of course! Hope she doesn’t have to smack this one on the counter at my 6 misbehaving brothers.  While they still misbehave – they are on their own now and have to deal with the consequences…which whatever they are, they are probably easier than my Mom with her spoon in hand!  Have fun with this one – I sure did!  Take a peek at the photo instructions:

Start with wooden spoons from Wal-mart & boxed brownie mix.

Start with wooden spoons from Wal-mart & boxed brownie mix

Wood burn the spoon with Heb 10:24

Wood burn the spoon with Heb 10:24


Wood burn the handle with "Stir up love & good works"

Wood burn the handle with "Stir up love & good works"

Type up the tag and add embellishments/stickers/jewels

Type up the tag and add embellishments/stickers/jewels/jingle bells/stamps and back it with cardstock.


Tie the spoon to the box of brownies

Tie the spoon to the box of brownies and add a jingle bell. You could also cellophane this up and tie the tag to the top of the cellophane. I put mine in a gift bag with a couple of other items.



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