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First priority; thank you to all the veterans and service men and women who have helped protect our freedoms in this great land!  Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day, are great reasons to raise the flag.  Today I thought I would show you what that looks like in our home. UnfortunatelyI can’t show you pictures of the  flags and red and white flowers around my fountain flower bed out front, because after just a few weeks the rabbits decided it was a floral buffet for their pleasure.  Good thing I didn’t choose my right to bear arms on the rabbits!  They were gracious (or picky enough) to leave behind the white vincas – apparently not to their liking.  Despite my lack of seasonal flowers now, the bunting on my front bench and front door vintage, patriotic sheet music and post card along with flags clipped onto my “wire wreath frame” still proclaim how much we love America to passers-by.  Below are a few photos showing how to simply decorate for the summer patriotic holidays.  Be sure to add flags, Baby Ruth bite-sized candy bars and Bob’s Stripe candy mints every where  you can…after all, one of the freedoms in our home is the right to eat sweets!  If savory is more your thing, peanuts in the shell screams “America”.  A large glass jar or basket of baseballs tied with patriotic ribbon would be adorable for a centerpiece.  I love to search for seasonally-themed vintage sheet music and vintage books which are mainstays for my decor.  You will see them throughout our home at all times of year based on the current holiday.  We always like to bring home something from vacation other than a t-shirt. The children’s metal sand buckets you see in the photos we picked up on a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard when the girls were much younger.  Items like this help me retrieve fond memories of summers or vacations gone-by.  See what you can find this summer should you be planning  a vacation.  When I saw these buckets I knew they had great potential for uses other than sand.   I added the antique children’s shovels to “dig out” the seasonal candy.  The flag bunting and vintage noise maker is from Good Goods in Boise, Idaho; one of my all time favorite stores in this land that I love.  Shells have been collected on various beach vacations – what cuter way to display them than in a jar partially filled with sand?  This is a “free” decor item and one I recommend highly!  Vintage flash cards with words like flag, stripe, star, free are all possibilities (but these cards are getting harder to find).  Tuck a flag or two into a pot of red geraniums for a festive look or how about using a vintage white vase filled with small flags? Don’t forget to add a flag or star hand towel or framed photo of a past July 4th to your powder baths.  Guests will appreciate this added touch of thought and decor.  A grouping of red, white, & blue candles add “fireworks” anywhere in the home.  Enjoy my salute to our stars and stripes below and I hope it encourages you to display “Old Glory” in your abode this summer season!

front entry

Front entry: Book entitled "Little American History Plays for Little Americans", bucket with antique shovel for the Baby Ruth candy bars that greets guests, a Bicentennial plate, vintage noise maker, flag bandana, metal stars, and geranium adorned with a flag












Patriotic mantle

Patriotic mantle











Statue of Liberty from a past NYC vacation, Iowa flag from a past vacation, Vintage white ruler makes a great photo or flash card holder.











All-American apple pie book

This book is a great example of a fun vintage book. It sits on my patriotic mantle because what is more All-American than apple pie? I will leave it up for back to school in August as well.














Beach vacations remembered

Beach vacations remembered. Photo next to the shell jar is my hubby and oldest daughter picking up shells in Jamaica. You can only see a small part of the hand stitched large flag made for me by my Mom as a gift years ago.It lays across my coffee table on a diagnol.















4th of July Typewriter

Here is my coffee table antique typewriter. I change the paper seasonally. Currently there are two antique beach babe ink blotters, a flag flash card and subway art from Pinterest.













While I haven’t shown you everything, I hope I have given you proof through the sight – that our star spangled banner can still wave in a variety of creative ways.  Watermelon seed spitting contest anyone?




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