One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure – Trash Tags

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One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure – Trash Tags

So you’ve probably heard someone say, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure.”  Today I’m showing you a craft literally based on this very saying.  Over the past year as I’ve purchased clothing for my family, I saved the manufacturer’s tags that are attached to the clothing items wanting to repurpose them in some way.  Some of the tags are pretty cool when it comes to graphic design or texture.  Rather than toss them into the trash – I set them aside until I had gathered what I felt were enough tags to repurpose.  What resulted is a variety of tags to use on gifts that came out pretty great.  Who would ever know these were once intended for the trash can?

The supplies you need are simple:

  • Trash/old clothing tags
  • Scrapbook papers
  • Glue sticks
  • Embellishments of your choice
  • Word/Image stamps and ink
  • Scissors

You might want to do some dumpster diving to see what you’ve thrown away lately that could be turned into cute tags.

I started with some “trash tags”


Treasure tags


Vintage ticket and hymnal page

A vintage ticket and hymnal page embellish this tag.  This tag was made from a coffee sleeve from Paradise Bakery.  I loved the texture of the corrugated cardboard so couldn’t leave it behind in the restaurant.  I knew it held potential.



Won’t this tag look cute on a birthday gift? Quite girly.  A felt flower and rhinestone give this tag some glitz.


A punched out paper flower and bird jazz up this treasure tag.  The “wishes” wording on the tag give this one some flexibility for use.


This clothing tag was so cool I couldn’t bear to cover it with paper. I simply stamped some images and added vintage paper stamps and a “whistle while you work” vellum paper tag. The fabric strips stapled on the bottom were already there.  Pretty wonderful huh?!



Easy as it gets

This tag was as easy as it gets to make; basic scrapbook paper in black and white and a stamped image of a chair. The reason I saved this tag is because it is super heavy cardboard and I liked the attached string and knob on the tag.


This congrats tag is colorful and fun and will make a great addition to any congratulatory gift.  Layered paper orange flowers and the golden jewel give the tag dimension.  The background of this tag was a long strip of light-weight cardboard wrapped around a package.  It contained grommets that I couldn’t resist repurposing.


This is a simple and sweet tag. The bird is a cardboard embellishment and the friendship wording at the top make it useful for almost any occasion. I use a low-temp glue gun to add the flowers and embellishments.


Here’s a great example of wonderful graphic art already on a tag. I covered the designer’s name with “simple things” at the bottom of the tag and added a strip of scrapbook paper on the top of the tag. A stamped Eiffel Tower and it was finished lickity split.  FYI – I make the backs of tags as cute as the fronts.


Old lace, paper flowers, a rhinestone, a piece of broken bracelet fleur-di-li, washi tape and scrapbook papers make up these two tags. My friend, Sharon, is getting the one on the left that says, “Happy Birthday” with her gift this week.


These tags are backed with old sewing pattern paper and then stamped with a vintage looking seamstress stamp. They are embellished with clothing measuring tape, flowers, buttons, fashion washi tape, and baker’s twine.


Here’s a close-up of a sewing pattern tag that I stamped with a vintage image of a fashionista. The criss-crossed string and measuring tape attached add a needed dimension and texture.


I love the bright colored flowers against the black and white polka dot background on this tag. Isn’t that bird washi tape adorbs? I can almost hear those birds tweeting!  These tags were a good way to use up some of my paper scraps.


This tag has “gone to the birds”.  I love the old hymnal page background.  It’s amazing what some punched paper flowers can do for a flat tag to add some pizazz. Sites like Etsy can be a great resource to buy embellishments like these flowers if you don’t want to make them yourself.  They are usually fairly inexpensive.  I like laying things on a diagonal to give some visual interest.  It is hard to see here, but I tied criss-crossed white embroidery thread around the tag as the finishing touch.










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