So WILD about WILDflowers!

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So WILD about WILDflowers!

Recently my friend, Cheryl, celebrated her 60th birthday.  Some friends and I honored her with a luncheon at The Herb Box here in Scottsdale.  I was asked to make the table festive and fun without balloons.  So I thought – “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is an appropriate theme for an April birthday.  I found some cute pots, planted some flowers, and tucked in colorful pinwheels to dress up the table party style.  I also wrapped up a box of wildflower seeds and tied on a tag that said, “We are WILD about you and SOW thankful God has PLANTED your friendship in our lives!  Thank you for joining us to celebrate Cheryl’s 60th birthday!”  Each woman took home a box of wildflower seeds and a potted plant.   Plant this idea at your next spring party!

Potted spring flowers and pinwheels


Box of wildflower seeds tied up with the tag and two kinds of purple (Cheryl’s favorite color) “happy birthday” ribbon.


I sprinkled some “happy birthday” mints onto the table and set the potted plants in front of each plate. The wildflower seeds were also laid on the table. In the middle of the table my friend Susan placed the cupcake plate.  In it were tucked bright colored gerber daisies.  A lovely spring floral table indeed!


Birthday girl, Cheryl!

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