Somebody Loves You Somebody Cares

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I had a great time a couple of weeks ago with the sweet women at Northwest Community Church.  I had the honor of being the speaker for their women’s spring event entitled; “Somebody Loves You Somebody Cares”.  What a great leadership team they have at NCC – they have such a heart to encourage their women to mentor and use the gifts God has given them.   They were a great audience as I spoke to them and asked the question, “Are you self-willed or God-filled?”

We had a lovely brunch and the room was transformed by Karey and her team of decorating fairies.  Yellows and grays were the base for the color scheme.  Chevron stripes and other modern graphic patterns with galvanized metal accents and burlap were also featured.  My breath was taken away to come into an event that was evidently prayed over in every detail.  Each woman was greeted by a lovely Scripture postcard at their place setting thanks to Ashley sharing her gift of graphic design.  Additionally, each woman had a home baked heart cookie chocolate dipped and piped in white polka dots cellophaned up for a party favor.  The kitchen crew printed the recipes to everything we ate so if we wanted to recreate for example their delicious french toast at home, we could.  Loved that gift of hearts and hands! Everyone made two gifts to take home to give away to encourage someone in their life using ideas from It’s The Thought That Counts.   Clever Creations had the joy of preparing 50 different door prizes to give away to women in attendance with the stipulation that they in turn give the gift they won away to someone in their life.  A regift was the purpose so that each woman could see how her small gift of love and encouragement could have a huge impact on someone’s heart.

The backdrop to the stage where I spoke was made out of black bullentin board paper and chalk that looked like large chalkboards to spell out l-o-v-e.  Each table had different decor in the color scheme of organic grays and yellows.  I was spoiled to have my daughter, Brekyn, and two sweet friends, Lisa & Claudette, in attendance.  Brekyn was my photographer and you can see her pictures below.

My inspiration for the tags I made came from when I met with Karey, Jane, & Peggy at Paradise Bakery to discuss the event.  I noticed one of the gal’s coffee cup had a cool cardboard hand grip and I liked the organic component it could lend to this event.  So I brought it home and used it for the inspriation piece for the tags for the door prizes.  I used torn up cardboard boxes, two lunch bags, an old book, and only a few sheets of scrapbook paper along with some brads, buttons and a glue gun.  It’s amazing what cute results can come from things you would normally recycle.  Take a look below at our sweet Saturday morning.

Stage backdrop made from bullentin board paper & chalk. These letters were HUGE! Chalkboards are really "in" - You could use this idea as a great bang for your buck at your next party.


The buffet tablescape had a bucket water fountain - the sound of the water was so soothing as we filled our plates with delicious delights!

Food buffet tablescape: Those lemons were a great way to add color affordably here in AZ as the fruit is in season. Watering cans, galvanized buckets, fruit, small chairs and chalkboards were all darling decor. Hope this inspires you for your next party.

Every table had differnt decor. Framed art about love, topiaries, chalkboards, old lace, linen, puddled burlap, books, & vintage silver/china were some of the things you would see at every table.


More lovely table decor: Loved the use of potted florals, old mail boxes, galvanized tins, candles and you can see the invites for the event sticking out of the tool box. They were made to look like vintage postcards - even the post mark said NCC. Love that attention to detail!

This table featured crumpled burlap, an jar of lemons and a jar of heart shaped rocks and a book called Heart Rocks. They had the book on a tray along with one rock. They spread out some of the invites on the table for texture. I love the chalkboard on the easle. I don't know a teacher that can resist a chalkboard of any size.

Another guest table decor; raw cardboard letters, watering can, potted florals, hearts, candles, vintage china and a vintage linen.


This tag was tied to a tote bag that said "thank you thank you thank you" across it. It was tied up with a gift card to Target.


This tag said, "Thanks for lending me a HAND! I'm so appreciative." It was tied to a cute pair of cleaning gloves (see the next photo).



"Thanks for lending me a HAND. I'm so appreciative." Don't you love the large "diamond" on a pair of gloves that helps you scrub the toilet? Makes that job almost seem glamorous....I did say almost.


This tag was tied to a large box of gumballs and read: "We are BUBBLING over with excitement regarding your great news! CHEWS to enjoy this special time!


Here I am speaking to the women asking, "Are you self-willed or God-filled? Use your gifts of time, talent, & treasure to encourage others for God's glory and your good. Your life matters and can make a big difference in someone's life who needs uplifting."









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