Teddy Bear Picnic

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My friend, Debbie, was over for Friend’s Day Wednesday a couple of weeks ago and asked for my help in salvaging a vintage picnic basket for her grandchildren.  I loved her goal – to create a usable prop to have “Teddy Bear Picnics” with her grandchildren.  She had the book by Jimmy Kennedy (The Teddy Bears’ Picnic) and a basket.  She wanted to fill the basket with Teddy Grahams, a honey bear to squirt on peanut butter sandwiches, a tea party set, bear fabric, a jar to catch honey bees , enamel bucket with a bumble bee on it etc… We copied vintage flash cards on my scanner that said “bear” “bee” “picnic” “basket” so she could set up her picnic blanket and honey pots in her picnic scape.  She likes to hide teddy bears all around her house.  As the children find each one, they have to take it to the table and set it in a chair and then look for their next bear.  Deb is now thinking of taking the picnic outside since the kids are old enough to have some new hiding places for the bears.  We used vintage game letters, vintage silverware, doilies (linen and crocheted), a color copy of the book cover, flowers, teddy bear buttons, bee embellishments,  and ribbon.  I loved the finished product so much I got on ebay and bought myself a book, a Fisher Price wind up music box, and my friend, Lisa, color copied a vintage piece of the sheet music with the song on it for mod-podging on the inside of the lid.  We also thought it would be fun to use chalkboard paint on the inside of the lid to write secret messages from the bears to the children.  I don’t even have grandchildren yet – but when I do – oh the fun we will have with this.

Here’s our finished product:

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