The Gift Of Time Is The Best Gift Of All

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Fabulous & Free | 0 comments

In this hurried world where people are usually too busy (or at least want you to know how “busy” they are), the gift of time is often the best gift of all.  To give of yourself is to give from the heart and what gift is better than that? ….Maybe a Cinnabon, ok kidding.  Last Saturday we went with a group of friends to do some painting at Chief Ministries.  We hung crown molding, patched drywall, and painted.  Many hands make light work is not just a cliche’ but true.  In about five hours we transformed this ministry office with a face lift (and I’m not talking about the kind often done here in Scottsdale).  We had fun while we got a little paint on the wall – and ourselves (I still have some around my nails – it’s a pretty color this Seaside gold).  Give of yourself – the return is one hundred fold!

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