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Today we are going to add some mystery and fun to gift wrapping.  Gift bags are a wonderful as they are “green” in that they can be reused over and over, are simple to use, and great when you have to wrap up something in a jiffy.  However, because it is the thought that counts and not the gift that really matters, I’m a big believer that the packaging can be just as exciting as the gift.  The idea I have for you today reuses a product that would normally be tossed into the recycle bin.  So before you recycle it – here’s a use for an empty soda bottle.  These can be done in any size, but obviously the smaller the bottle, the smaller the gift(s) that can be placed inside it.  I have tried this idea with a water bottle but it doesn’t work as well as they aren’t made from as sturdy of plastic.  So go for a soda or juice bottle for this idea.  People will be SOda-mazed at how you got all of those gifts inside this bottle! Tie on a helium balloon to finish off this gift for the finishing touch.  I know you’ll have fun with this one!  Enjoy!




Pepsi bottle

Start with any two liter or gallon sized bottle. Take the label off, wash out the bottle, air dry it, and put the lid back on.

door in bottle

Cut a "U" shape on the side of the bottle so it opens like a hinged door to the side.

Start with some paper shred

Start by putting in some paper shred like in the bottom of a gift basket.

Add in gifts through the opening

Add in the gifts through the opening starting with the largest first and working your way down to the smaller items.

Tape shut the opening

Tape shut the opening in the bottle. Be sure to put the tape around the entire "U".

Wrap the bottle with scrapbook/wrapping paper

Wrap the bottle with scrapbook/wrapping paper. Be sure to leave some of the bottle showing on the top and bottom. I generally make my paper the same height as the original label on the bottle.

Soda bottle wrap

Soda bottle embellished with "open me" tag, ribbons, party blower, and recipients name made out of letters. Lid has a Scrabble "K"

Party blower and ribbons tied on the "open me" tag

Close up of Scrabble "K' on top of the lid.

KATE letters glued onto the side

KATE, the graduate's name in Scrabble Jr. letters, is glued onto the side.

Pearl's gift

This is a birthday bottle we put together on Sonoran Living for my daughter's friend, Pearl.

Birthday bottle tied with balloons

Here is the completed birthday bottle tied with balloons. We also tied a jump rope on the outside of the bottle. It is embellished with sparkly birthday stickers and ribbons.

Kyndrid on set at Sonoran Living

This is my daughter, Kyndrid. She was my helper on the Sonoran Living Live segment today.

Kyndrid on set

Kyndrid on set at Channel 15 Sonoran Living Live. She was amazed at how fast everything moves, thought it was a "cool" experience and just a little bit nervous.


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