Vintage jewelry made from a fork

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I took a recent trip to visit my family in Iowa.  Upon departure my sister, Lisa, asked if I could turn a rare 1800s fork into a necklace for my niece, Allie.  This was no ordinary fork.  I had never seen anything like it.  The handle was a woman and it happened to be monogramed with the letter “A”.  It was meant for Allie.  I took on the challenge.  I decided that for the fork to be used and not be too heavy or too long, it would have to be cut.  This prospect made me a little nervous as there are no redos on rare forks from the 1800s.  I decided to have my husband help me – that way his expertise or lack there of would take the fall and/or the credit for any drilled holes or mistakes.  Nice of me, I know.  Because of the positioning of the woman’s head on the fork handle, I decided two small holes on the top of each side of the fork would serve two fold.  One to keep the woman’s head in tact and the other to keep the handle from turning over from front to back when being worn as a necklace.  Once the handle was cut the metal was filed so it wouldn’t be so rough, it was time for me to come up with a design.   I played with a few ideas, like adding a broach to the piece.  However, my niece is a grown woman but petite, so I didn’t want the necklace to overpower her.  I decided simple and neutral would be the best.  I used earring wires to attach the dangling pieces to the bottom of the fork handle.  I took apart vintage chains and combined them to make the necklace portion.  The pendant got wired with rhinestones and crystals.  I tried it on for size on my oldest daughter and she promised me Allie would “freak” when she got it.  Now my daughter wants one.  I think she missed the part about it being a rare, 1800s fork.  Well – now it is a unique, vintage, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.  I hope my niece will love the thoughtfulness of her mom to find such a wonderful, antique fork and come up with a unique idea as well as her Uncle Brad’s and my hand in putting it together.  Here’s to you, Allie!

rare fork turned necklace

Rare 1800s fork turned antique, one-of-a-kind necklace

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