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This is one of the ideas I featured on the May 24th Sonoran Living Live show with Andi & Stephanie.  The items you will need for this craft are basic:

A smooth edge can opener (I found mine at Wal-mart for just under $10)

Canned goods that have a pull top tab (they come in a variety of sizes from small individual cans of fruit to large cans of stew, chicken broth, or beans)

Scrapbook papers and embellishments (ribbons, flowers, charms etc…)

Small candies, gift cards, jewelry – any small item you want to wrap up in a unique way that will fit inside the can.

I know you hear me say this over and over – it isn’t the gift – but the thought that counts.  Today’s idea is a great way to add a lot of pizazz to a gift or invitation (see the photos below).  If you would prefer to watch the television show segment, go to my media tab and click on the May 24th video link to Sonoran Living Live.  Stephanie and I always love to craft up some fun.  I hope you are inspired!  P.S. This would be a super way to wrap up a party invitation playing off the the word “can”.  Guests would have to open the can to get to the invite.  For example: “CAN you come to Kyndrid’s 11th Birthday?” Or how about, “You are as sweet as CANdy for helping me out. Thank you!”   Notes could go inside the can with the gift or a tag created and tied onto the tab.  I used this idea at Christmas to wrap up magazine gift subscriptions, jewelry, gift cards, baby socks and a baby onsie, and cash.  How about cookies, fudge or any homebaked treat?  Clever clever clever – after all this is Clever Creations.  See if you agree.  I’ve included a couple photos of my soon to be 11 year old daughter, Kyndrid, who was my helper on the segment.  She thought it was cool to see a live TV show, was just a little bit nervous, and was amazed at how fast her time in the spotlight went!  Anyone want her autograph??


Kyndrid - a future TV personality?

I don't know if Kyndrid will be a future TV personality - but personality +++ she has for sure!

Kyndrid on set

Here is Kyndrid on set at Sonoran Living Live - she loved her time in the spotlight and was only a little bit nervous.


Start with a pull top can

Start with a pull top can.
















Turn the can upside down

Turn the can upside down and using a smooth edge can opener, open the bottom of the can. Pour out the contents, wash and dry the can saving the bottom piece.



I found these "Million Dollar Mints" at Dollar Tree. They are butter mints that look like paper money. I put these in the can first.

Add paper shred

Just like any gift basket, you want some paper shred under the gift for a more finished result. In this example, I added paper shred on top of the mints because this will end up being on the bottom of the can when it is finished and turned over.

gluing ild

Add paper shred over the mints. Run a bead of hot glue on the edge of the can bottom.

Put on the bottom of the can.

Press the bottom of the can quickly and careful not to burn yourself like I do almost every time I do this! Peel off any glue that squishes out the side once it cools.

cut circles

Next, trace the can twice onto two different, yet coordinating scrapbook papers. Cut out the circles.

Cut a small notch out of the paper you will use on the top of the can.

Cut a small notch, a littler smaller than the pull tab, out of the paper you will use on the top of the can. You may need to trim down the circles a tish.


Put on glue stick and slide the paper under the pull tab

Using a glue stick, put glue on the back of the paper and slide the paper under the pull tab.

Cut two strips of paper to go around the can.

Cut two strips of paper (matching the ones on the top and bottom of the can) to go around the can. Use the label you tore off the can for a template. I cut one strip smaller for an accent as shown here.

Glue on the papers

Glue the papers on the bottom and side of the can.

can  tag

I've made up a couple of these cans to have on hand for thank you gifts. But of course this idea could be used for any occasion. I made a coordinating tag with a thank you charm, a flower, and a tag to play off the contents of the can that says, "Thanks a MILLION".

Add the embellishments and ta da it is done

Slightly lift the pull tab and tie on the tag and additional coordinating ribbons. You can embellish the top of the can with a tag or a flower like I used on the side of the can. This can is easily changed seasonally by changing the papers and embellishments. You CAN do it - give it a try!

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