Inside the Pages

It’s The Thought That Counts is more than a book, it is a well-organized tool that will show you how to turn simple items into clever creations that are easy and affordable to gift.  Little things mean a lot in life; a sweet “I’m thinking of you” in word or deed can go a long way in cheering on or cheering up another person.  This book is filled with hundreds of tried and true ideas which provide a fresh, clever, and joyous approach to encouraging people in your life through many creations that cost cents, not dollars.  Ideas proposed in this book are not extensive or expensive and can be created by anyone. (Don’t let me hear you say, “I’m not crafty”.  If you can chew gum, you can do this!)  This book provides the creativity you need to pair everyday items with suggested clever wording which will provide encouragement and smiles for the recipients of your considerations!  There is great joy in taking ordinary moments and things and turning them into something extraordinary!  See for yourself.  Click on the link provided to purchase a copy of this tool of inspiration for you and others in your life.  (It’s The Thought That Counts, given with one of the ideas enclosed on its pages, makes a fabulous gift too!).

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